Taking a simple and collaborative approach to helping you with your finances.

Starting Small

Building your financial puzzle one piece at a time.

When people think of financial planning, they often think of it as a big, overwhelming task. Unfortunately, this approach to planning will usually get postponed and sometimes ignored altogether.

We recognize that comprehensive wealth planning doesn’t work for everyone. Sometimes it is more useful to take things one step at a time.

We offer financial sessions so that the scope of our work together can be as comprehensive or as narrow as you would like. 

Financial Sessions

Whether it’s your first time, your plans have changed or you just want to check-in to ensure you’re still on track.

Financial Personality 101

Your natural behavior impacts your approach to financial decision-making. This is the perfect way to get started if you want to know your financial personality and don’t want a full-blown consultation. We’ll review your Financial Behavior report, and our guide to Unlocking Financial Planning Performance.

Financial Goal-Setting

We use our Goals Discovery process to uncover your priorities, determine their feasibility and help you set realistic time horizons. Our session together focuses on prioritizing the things that are most important to you and setting out your next-steps towards achieving them.

Cash Flow Management

Cash flow management is an active process that involves understanding the components that make up where the money comes from and where it goes. We work with you to dissect your current cash flow and provide guidance on what changes and choices are appropriate given your circumstances.


Whether short-term or long-term, there are no shortage of things to save for: an emergency fund, a child’s education, a down-payment on a home, a car, a vacation, or retirement (to only name a few).  We’ll help you review your saving priorities, saving strategies, which accounts to use and why.

Investment Consult

The investment world is a complex place to navigate. From understanding the investment solutions available to you, to doing a deep-dive review of your existing portfolio, we arm you with the information you need to make informed decisions. Note: We are not licensed in securities trading and do not give advice regarding custom securities trading.

Financial Gap Analysis

We provide an unbiased review your overall financial situation and identify areas in need of specific attention, such as insurance, legal or accounting. Note: We are not insurance advisors, accountants or lawyers but work with a network of those who are and can match you based on your needs. 

The One-Page Plan

Building your framework for financial success.

The One-Page Plan is a program built around helping you understand your core financial drivers.  We’ve bundled together 4 of our most popular sessions to help you explore why money matters to you, to prioritize your ambitions, to identify the barriers standing in your way, and to bring it all together to create a clear and simple plan that you can turn to when push comes to shove with your money matters.

The Schedule:

Session 1: Let’s Talk Money
Session 2: Why Money Matters to You
Session 3: Understanding Your Financial Personality
Session 4: Building Your Framework for Financial Success

Simple, Transparent Pricing.

Always know what you'll pay.


Financial Sessions range from $195-$495 + GST/HST.

The One-Page Plan starts at $695 + GST/HST.


Ranges exist as there is separate pricing available for individuals and families/households. There are also occasions where more complex financial circumstances will require more number crunching. Before working together, we will assess your needs and circumstances and provide you with a detailed quote before we begin. 

Clients referred to a Portfolio Manager may receive a discount on all fee-for-service solutions.



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